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cross-chain decentralized finance platform that encompasses fundamental DeFi use-cases within a single, innate interface!

Cross-chain technology can be viewed as a technology that provides for interoperability and scalability; allowing people to break current barriers!


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STAKING. The protocol rewards stakers with $MNS and boasts no deposit fees.!

MNSWAP Vault utilizes innovative and versatile strategies to auto-compounds rewards and maximizes profits!

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Presale Start

13 Sept, 2021

Token Symbol


Presale End

15 Nov, 2021


MNSwap is developing a platform where users can Swap Tokens across Multi-chain Network with 0 fee


Download the whitepaper to learn more about MNSwap!

White Paper (2021)


You can purchase MNS Token on PANCAKESWAP

Presale And Airdrop Has Ended


Below we've provided the frequently asked question on MNSwap. If you have any other questions, do get in touch with us!

What is MNSwap Token?

MNSwap Token is a utility token built on the Binance Smartchain network. We are the first token on the Binance Smartchain to offer a Multi swap across various network on the blockchain

You will need to own a cryptocurrency wallet such as TrustWallet or MetaMask. From there, you can purchase BNB which is needed to buy MNSwap.

Only a portion of the total MNSwap supply is offered during our presales. You can take this opportunity to purchase MNS Token at a low price as the presale price will be roughly 4x lower than the listing price. Any unsold tokens after presale will be burned.

What is ICO Crypto?

What is ICO Crypto?

What is ICO Crypto?